Getting Your Kids Ready For Camp – 6 Things Not to Forget!

My daughter leaves for camp in only a few days and as you might guess the house is a flurry of activity as we prepare for the trip and we pull together all of the things that she will need to make sure that her stay at the week-long camp is a successful one.

As we have been preparing for camp I realized that there are a few hints and tips that I wanted to share with all of you to help you as your kids may be heading off to camp too.

Some of the things that you will not want to forget with your kids include:

  1. Buy Envelopes and stamps or even pre-stamped postcards and pre-address all of them to encourage your child to write people while at camp. Don’t forget to get your child’s address from the camp and send it out to friends and family to give them enough time to write to them too as kids love to get mail while they are away. Also, don’t forget to mail letters prior to when your child leaves for camp to make sure that letter arrive in time!
  2. Make sure to check over the camp list to make sure that you have everything that they recommend for you to bring with your child. While you can always add in additional things, the camp knows best.
  3. Consider purchasing a large trunk for camp instead of a suitcase. We did this with my oldest and she decorates it with decals from places that we have visited. The trunk is larger and allows her to carry everything she needs with easy. Even better though is the fact that using a trunk like this allows you to easily find everything that you need too.
  4. Write your child’s name on everything as inevitably things will stray at camp.
  5. Type a list of everything that you packed for them that they can refer to before they pack up to go home.
  6. Pack a laundry bag for all of the dirty clothes so your child can keep their clean clothes clean.


Considering these ideas will help you and your child have some peace of mind and make the camp experience that much easier.

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