DIY Personalized Holiday Ornaments

I had a lot of fun making these personalized ornaments a few years ago for our family and even made them for the kids’ teachers and friends.  They are super easy to make (no Cricut required!) and received a ton of compliments.  They really do turn out gorgeous, and look amazing on the tree.


  • Glass or Acrylic ornaments – 83 mm work best (Available at Michaels craft stores, Amazon, Target and Walmart)
  • A bag of artificial snow flakes
  • 1/4 inch ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Wired 1 inch – 2 inch ribbon (colour of your choosing)
  • Scissors
  • Glitter (I really loved the iridescent one from Michaels by Creatology)
  • Glittery initial script stickers by Sticko (TM) – Walmart or Reflections (TM) – Michaels
  • Optional: 3/8 inch Rhinestone adhesive trim by the roll

holiday-ornament-suppliesStep 1

step-1Remove the ornament from the tray and take off the metal top of the ornament by pinching the loop.  Place ornament back in the tray with the open top pointing to the ceiling

Step 2

step-2Fill the ornament with artificial snow (about 5-7 pinches) and pour in some glitter.

Step 3

Place the metal top back on by squeezing the loop and releasing.

Step 4

step-4Cut approximately 5 inches of the 1/4 inch ribbon and feed through the ornament loop and tie in a knot.  This becomes the part that gets hung on the tree so don’t make it too small.

Step 5

step-5*Optional* use your glue gun and squeeze glue around the outside of the metal ornament top and wrap 3/8 inch rhinestone adhesive trim around the glue, cutting exactly where the ends meet.

Step 6

step-6Place the ornament back in the ornament tray with the side you want to add writing to facing upward.

Step 7

step-7Start peeling and sticking your letters to form names, words, etc. in the centre of the ornament.  The letters are easily removable in case you need to play with proper spacing of letters.  Tip: words under 8 letters will look best.

Step 8

dsc_0512Pick your favourite 1-2 inch ribbon (wired ribbon works best) and feed it through the ornament loop.  Tie a knot or bow.  Alternatively, you can affix a premade bow along the outside of the metal top.

And that’s it!


  • The glass ornaments look nicer when finished but are more difficult to work with.  I broke several when making ours.  Be careful!
  • 83 mm are the ideal ornament size; if using smaller, do a monogram instead of a full name/word
  • Switch up the glitter to different colours to match a theme
  • Buy small boxes from Solutions or Creative Bags stores to box and gift
  • Get creative with the stickers – I’ve made ornaments for newlyweds, babies, Disney lovers and pet lovers.  The design possibilities are endless and a ton of fun.


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