7 Winter Hair Care Tips for Moms On-The-Go!

7 winter hair care tips for moms on the go

Let’s face it, hair care for busy Moms is tough in the best of times, add to it the havoc cold, dry Winter air wrecks on our locks, and well, it can seem like a lot of effort to keep our tresses healthy until warmer weather returns.

I am no hair expert, but I do have a tiny obsession with keeping my hair healthy year-round and swear by some simple, low maintenance, budget-friendly methods to achieve it.

Here are 7 tips for maintaining gorgeous hair in the cold Winter months:

1) Avoid over-washing your hair – 2-3 times per week is more than enough. The winter zaps the moisture from the air, and over-washing will create dry, brittle locks and irritate your scalp. Instead, use a dry shampoo (aka, Moms’ hair miracle!) in between washes to maintain a look of clean, fresh-smelling hair, and elongate all that effort on your blow-out ;). Dove, Herbal Essence, TRESemme & Pantene Pro-V offer great results, all under $10 CDN (Available at most drugstores in Canada & the USA).

2) Avoid going outdoors with damp or wet hair. The cold air will make your hair more susceptible to breakage and a brittle texture. Blow dry if you must, or even better, leave yourself enough time to let your hair fully air dry.

3) Most hair experts recommend a deep conditioning treatment once a week, but seriously, I don’t know many Moms who’ve got time (nor patience!) for that. My solution is a leave-in spray conditioner after each wash at home. My favourite since I was a teenager is Infusium . With ingredients like Argan oil, Macadamia oil and Keratin, it leaves my hair feeling smooth, looking shiny yet non-greasy and keeps it easy to manage, even after subject to heat styling with a blow dryer, curling iron or straightener. They have different solutions depending on your hair type and care needs. I even use it on my daughter’s hair as a detangler (Available in most drug stores in Canada and the USA).

4) In spite of the steps above, Winter may have a way with your scalp, creating dry, flaky irritation. And well, even the most secure women will find dandruff embarrassing. It’s really tough to hide. I came across CLEAR Scalp and Hair Therapy Shampoo + Conditioner a few winters ago when I had a very irritated scalp and had amazing results with this product! Shiny locks and a nourished scalp in only a few washes. The bottle is discreet and doesn’t scream DANDRUFF CONTROL and the product didn’t leave a residue like the leading dandruff control brand does. Unfortunately, they’ve discontinued distributing this line to my usual go-to places, but you can still pick some up under $10 CDN on Amazon.

5) Reduce pesky static with a hat, or if hat-head isn’t ideal, cover your hair in a fashionable head scarf while outdoors.

6) With the need to heat our homes during cold months, our family is more susceptible to scratchy throats, nose bleeds and dry skin and hair. Make sure your humidifier is on an appropriate setting to balance out the dryness created by forced, heated air.

7) Keep ends of hair healthy with a trim every 6-8 weeks.

These tips are well-suited for hair that is typically straight or on the wavy/semi-curly side. Additional, specific hair care may be required for very curly and coarse hair textures. Discuss with your hair dresser on your next visit.

Hope these tips help keep your mane healthy this Winter!

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