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It’s probably the most important day of your life, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to planning everything perfectly. From the first course of food to the last couple’s song of the night. Your wedding reception offers you the opportunity to revel in the experiences you’ve had to this point and the life you’re planning to continue with your special someone in the years to come. The reception is also the time you get to thank everyone for their support in getting here.

What We Should Consider

You know that everyone will be watching you, and you’ve put in your time – you’ve pored over that guest list, know by heart who gets along with who, who’s a strict vegetarian, who may be bringing their dog despite your quite-intimidating no’. You’ve, quite frankly, left nothing to chance, and should be able to start that first slow dance knowing it’s going to be a night to remember as far as it is well known ever by a number of people.

Most of the time, adults attending wedding receptions get to look forward to a night shimmering with champagne, old friends, and family they haven’t seen in ages. That special joke that your cousin will tell that will be retold again and again in the years to come. They’re an evening to look forward to, and let’s face it: despite your worst fears, unless something awful happens we’re all going to have a good time –and leave with just about a million wonderful little things to talk about on the long ride home.

The One Thing We Forgot

The kid factor and one of the things we often don’t think about, however, is how children are going to occupy themselves during the festivities, which tend to go way past what would typically be their bedtimes. It’s quite natural – most of the time we haven’t gotten around to having our own kids yet at the point of planning our wedding; all we – er, sort of – know how to do is to be an adult. As a result, the kids’ table tends to sit off in the corner, with the little people who have the most energy out of all of us left with very little to do in an environment that’s bound to be more than a bit over-stimulating.

Now it’s coming back to you – dodging in and out of your aunt’s legs and hiding under tables during the speeches when you were five. The accidental upturning of a bottle of sparkling cider on your grandfather’s best blue suit by your little brother. A million other near misses that could have been easily avoided if we took a little time to give the children something to do besides getting in the way. It’s not their fault; indeed, getting in trouble is what makes kids.

The Solution?

The trouble, however, can be to the most extent avoided with just a little effort on your part. We’re not talking about pony rides or a clown to make balloon animals – after all, it’s your wedding, not a crèche – but there are easy options to make the reception just as much fun for the kids as it is for everyone else.

Many parents like to include busy or activity jars at the kids’ places or table. The greatest thing about this idea is that it allows you to personalize your gift to the little guys and gals by dropping in all sorts of things that kids would be dying to do anyway. Include crayons, candy, and easy-make crafts for them to enjoy. You can search around for some of the billions of amazing ideas other brides-to-be have come up with, but really the only limit is your imagination. Old standards such as paper crowns, glitter, and each name spelled out in irresistible alphabet cookies are only a few that come to mind.



The thing is, we all love the idea of getting all the adults together, and sitting the kids at their own special little table. It gives their parents that essential break they’ve been looking for. It also offers little boys and girls the opportunity to build some wonderful memories with the other kids, much like you did as a kid. All it really takes for everyone to have an absolutely dazzling night is to give that table the special little nudge in the right direction; that way, the kids feel like they’re a part of your special night’s festivities as much as the adults.

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