Give Back this Holiday Season…here’s my reason why

I’m not only the PTPA Social Media Coordinator, I’m a very proud (and exhausted) wife and mommy to 3 amazing boys…Ty is 7 and Jayden and Zack are 3 years old. Our Zackie was born with a genetic disorder causing many serious health and developmental issues including; a congenital heart defect (TAPVD) and blocked pulmonary vein, seizures, global developmental delay, facial anomalies, hydrocephalus (fluid and a cyst in his brain), low muscle tone, reflux, bilateral moderate to severe hearing loss (requiring hearing aids), feeding issues (including not being able to drink any liquids), and the need for a Gtube (stomach feeding tube) to name a few.

Create some healthy family traditions!

Holidays bring families and friends together to celebrate and yet bring out our most self destructive habits. Who doesn’t turn back into their child self when they are surrounded by siblings, no matter how grown?! Even if you are a fully functional family (and who has one of those?) the emotional impact of gathering can bring out your childhood eating behaviour.

During the holidays we gather, sit, chat, nibble, eat, sit some more and then have dessert. Rare is the family that actually chooses to do something with health in mind on this (and many other) celebration day.

Be Inspired…September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

I have to acknowledge a miracle that happened.  It seems right to share it during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  My dear friend Zoe and her Warrior daughter, Erin shared their story of pain, heartache, bald heads and victory.  Thank you to my dear friend for have the courage to share her story and for helping us all believe in miracles. …

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