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Short Bread Cookie Recipe

Who doesn’t love cookies on a Thursday? Or any day for that matter.  Shortbread Cookies or Scotch Cakes,  depending on where you grew up the label may vary.  1 lb of butter ( make sure this is softened, room temperature works best, but do not melt in the microwave)1 1/2 cups icing sugar ( confectionery sugar)5 cups flourMix and work together(…

My kids don’t eat red meat … Managing the menu hot-dogma of Kids’ Birthday Parties.

For many years we did not eat red meat or basically any meat that came from four-legged creatures. This wasn’t because of cultural or religious believes or even over the treatment of animals (although I do support the ethical treatment of animals). It started with my husband living in England during the Mad Cow scare. He cannot donate blood to…

Peach Praline Pie

Every time I buy a slice of peach pie I ask myself “why did I waste my money?”. The reason why I ask myself this, is as my sister-in-law put it: no peach pie holds a candle to mom’s peach pie. I have sampled many slices of this delicious pie that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law have made, but this was the first…

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