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Teaching Kids To Grow

When my son was asked at school to write about spring he sent home an entire page of stories… about going to the beach! Clearly he had no idea what happens in spring. Granted, we have a very short spring season here in Calgary. It seems to snow all the way up until summer, so I can’t really blame him. But…

Eco Friendly Home Decor

I have a secret super power.  I can see potential in anything. From empty boxes to ribbons and string I can see so many possibilities. I hate to waste things, and love to have materials on hand for my next project.  While other may see this super power as hoarding I like to think of is as thrifty.   With…

Add A Little Spring To Your Home

Spring is one of the happiest seasons because its bright, colorful and happy.  Green starts showing up everywhere, and it just makes me excited to add color into my home decor. Simple accessories always seem to brighten my day and my mood.  I like to switch out throw pillows, add some fun seasonal accents, and I always find myself dressing…

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