Much to my mothers dismay, I am that person who believes that ignorance can sometimes indeed be bliss.  As a result, a few years ago after being thoroughly saddened by a streak of kidnappings in the news, terrorist bombings and a disease outbreak, I made a controversial decision.  I decided that I would limit my intake of news to primarily business related information and not start every day on a depressing note with the morning news.

This was a rather controversial decision.  In the eyes of some, I was choosing to ignore the plight of those around me.  In fact, this  did the opposite, it allowed me to focus on causes that I could directly have an impact on, both charitable and social rather than stressing over uncontrollable circumstances like kidnappings and shootings around the world.  I was choosing to live in my own little bubble and making a “conscious uncoupling” of myself from the primary culprit; CNN.

With the outbreak of war in the Middle East and a father who chose to go to Israel to support his homeland, I broke my vow and installed the CNN app so that I could be kept up to date as to what area was currently being bombed and could make sure to call my father and check on his safety consistently.  I endured the one sided completely biased reporting that tends to come from CNN, and I read the sensationalized content that they tend to produce.  Lastly, I glanced through the comments related to their stories and was shocked at the commentary that became racial disputes that CNN never bothered to mediate.  The hate and racism that such a large  news agency allows on their site is shocking and saddening.

But this morning was too much.  I have been reading about the horror that has hit Liberia in the form of the deadly Ebola virus.  This virus has instilled an incredible panic in me as no one has an immunization against it, nor a treatment for it and it spreads so easily that it is a real fear.  I have been keeping on top of it through my CNN app.  This morning the headline and excerpt read as follows:

Could Ebola Come to the United States?

 (CNN) — A man boards a plane in Liberia with a slight fever. As the jet nears an airport in New York, his temperature rises; his throat grows sore.Ebola

It’s the flu, he thinks after he lands, but he’s wrong. He’s caught the deadly Ebola virus.

He soon dies of hemorrhagic fever while surrounded by family. Some of them catch it, and it’s like a flame hitting a fuse.

The United States erupts in its first ever Ebola pandemic, as healthcare workers fight an uphill battle to contain it.

The article then continues this way:

Could what sounds like the plot of a Hollywood pestilence thriller really happen here?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, Ebola can come to the United States.

But no, there’s no reason to panic.

“This is not an epidemic; it’s not the kind of disease that can sweep through New York,” said Dr. Alexander van Tulleken of Fordham University.

Shock, awe and fear.  That to me is representative of their reporting tactics. CNN to me is the equivalent of yelling into a stadium that everyone should get out immediately because its going down in flames versus trying to get people out of a  building where a fire alarm may have gone off but there is no confirmed threat.  They don’t do it in a controlled manner with minimal casualties, they make the boldest statements in order to instill fear.  One manner causes complete and utter chaos and inevitable mass panic while the other is somewhat controlled and and minimizes impact and casualties.

But at the end of the day, their bread and butter is the sensationalizing of the stories and the drama that they can create with each and every story and video.  MY CNN app has been removed as of this morning.  The CNN channel is going to be blocked at home.  Their over sensationalism of every story and their lack of moderation for horrid commentary is no longer going to appear on any of my screens.

And that mom, is why I will  no longer listen to the news. Again.