As a homeschooling mom, I’m blessed that I am able to change our schooling choices and plans according to my kids’ learning styles, interests, and personalities. For example, Big picked up reading really well by using phonics and understanding how letters sound combined together, but Middle doesn’t seem to be learning that way – although he can rote learn through phonetic sounds, he’s not learning to read that way. He seems to be learning by repeated visual presentation of whole words. It’s a completely different approach. When I first heard of PTPA award winner, Kidzmet, I was intrigued. A computer program that allows you to learn more about your child’s learning style and personality type (based on the Meyers-Briggs personality results)? Sounded terrific!  The older two boys each did a questionnaire  – either by looking at pictures and choosing which felt more like them, or by reading a sentence and indicating how they felt about that statement. The results were fascinating. Big is a visual learner and his personality is an Introverted Senser. Middle, on the other hand, is also a visual learner, but he’s an Extroverted Thinker. Kidzmet sent me a personalized email for each child – explaining more about their learning styles and personalities, providing me with actual ideas on how to implement this into their schooling activities. I was amazed. How wonderfully helpful this information is for us as homeschoolers. It literally changes how I can approach teaching my kids – providing them with personalized ways to make their learning more successful. Recently, Kidzmet asked me to review their newest product, Learning Playbooks. Learning PlaybooksThese playbooks are extremely detailed, personalized books that walk you through the areas of organization, motivation, homework, group activities, communication, and more. When I read through Big’s personalized book, I sat there with my mouth open – floored by the amount of detail and insight, revelation about my son (which intutively I fully recognized as true!), and knowing that it could make an extreme impact on his success. It was almost revolutionary. This is the kit that every child should come with. It would make teacher’s jobs easier, parents feel more at comfortable knowing more about how their child works and how to help them in each area – how to advocate for their needs, and make steps to see them grow exponentially. I am so impressed with Kidzmet, their determination to help both parents and teachers look at the children in their care with new eyes and a determination to make their learning years a success. Plus, just even from online conversations with the team, I’ve heard some fantastic, out-of-the-box suggestions on approaching learning which have really left me thinking of possibilities – using games and products we already own in a new, fresh, and fun way. Getting your child tested to find their learning style and personality is absolutely free for parents, and you get a great email and insight to share with their teachers this new school year. Learning Playbooks are $49.95US each, including the insight book, learning activities for home, and printable templates. An investment definitely well-worth it. — Lisa Marie Fletcher blog | facebook | twitter