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Whether you are taking pictures of the family with your phone or texting your friends, everyone loves to have their “Stuff” near them at the beach, pool, or waterpark. But where do you put your “Stuff” when you want to go for a swim’ The AquaVault is a simple, stylish, portable safe that integrally attaches to the framework of fixed objects such as a lounge chair to deter would be thieves from stealing your must have essentials (phone, wallet, keys, glasses, watch, etc).

Our Story

We experienced every travelers nightmare and had all of our belongings stolen from us while we were swimming in the pool at a very nice resort in South Beach. We were only a few feet away and we stuck our stuff in our shoes and placed them under our chairs. When we returned everything was gone. Our worst nightmare just came true. We told ourselves “We must come up with something to help prevent this from happening to anybody else.” So my two college buddies (Hofstra) and I invented a beach safe called AquaVault®.

The Aqua Vault attaches to your lounge chair and locks on with a 3 digit personal combination lock. We have spent years developing this product which now solves the question, “WHERE DO I PUT MY VALUABLES WHEN GOING FOR A SWIM'”

We have recently been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, Fox News, HSN, ABC’s Secret Sales & ton more

AquaVault® is being used on lounge chairs, strollers, golf carts, boats & more…

This product is brand new this year and we already have people from 100 countries viewing and purchasing the AquaVault – The AquaVault is for sale for $39.95 on


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