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The NaturalFit® Baby Bottle has a unique angled nipple that promotes ideal positioning for a perfect latch. With a design that bio-mimics the breast in form, feel and function, the transition from mom to bottle is natural. 96% of babies latched on immediately* FORM: The angle of the nipple makes the natural cuddle-cradle hold of breastfeeding the most comfortable way to use the bottle, setting you and baby up for success in a position that is both ideal for newborns and feels natural and comfortable for parents. FEEL: The supple, satin-textured silicone nipple and the soft, rounded, breast-like base feel familiar to baby for an intuitive latch. FUNCTION: A slow flow rate along with dual anti-colic valves help prevent air ingestion so that baby swallows only the good stuff. NaturalFit® bottles are designed with a wide-mouth, ergonomic shape and come with a hygienic cap. All NaturalFit® bottle caps, collars, and nipples are interchangeable. Also available in Glass. *2016 Independent Home Use Study, 0-3M babies

3 reviews for Chicco NaturalFit® 0m+ Baby Bottle 5oz

  1. 4 out of 5


    It's a great bottle if you are formula feeding them but there is nothing better than breastfeeding baby but all in all probably your best newborn bottle if you are bottle feeding
  2. 4 out of 5


    My daughter is a breastfed baby. She doesn't have problem taking the bottle. She is only formulat fed when she stays with her dad. And it has an angled soft nipple and it is easy to clean. I haven't had any problems with this bottle.
  3. 5 out of 5


    My baby loved these bottles. I love the tilted Nipple, it makes it so much easier for her to latch. Easy to clean.

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