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Dapper Snappers is a piece of suspender elastic with snaps that fit into the back 3 belt loops of the pants and snap around the outer 2 to cinch up the back of the pants so they don’t fall down. They work just like a traditional belt to hold the pants up.

They are perfect for potty training because there is no bulky belt buckles to get in the way for little fingers. Diaper changes are also a breeze as once the Dapper Snappers are in place they don’t need to be removed!

We also have add-on clips for pants/shorts/skirts that don’t have belt loops.

1 review for Dapper Snappers

  1. 4 out of 5


    Dapper snappers are great for making pants fit your baby or toddler. We especially loved them as they helped to make the waist fit properly when a cloth diaper necessitated larger than potentially normal pants. Definitely a must have to prevent "diaper cracks" from showing and very easy to put on and take off. Work with both loops and no loops thanks to handy clips. I buy these for all of the baby shower "must have" baskets!

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