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Drop and Twist Insert System is a great all’in-one solution that goes in the freezer/fridge, microwave, dishwasher sanitize and grab and go thermal containers. Eat your foods cold, or microwave hot with the lid stopper on then just grab the cool touch rim to handle and enjoy your hot snacks and meals. Your Storage container replacement, Drop and Twist inserts benefit by design, fitting in small spaces and takes up less room. Easy to hold and manage, designed vertically instead of flat, which accommodate your healthy made foods, snacks and leftovers for better convenient food management. Saves time and money, preparing your foods in batches, and individually packed. Finally, a design that supports making fresh and appetizing looking foods that are healthy, and delicious. Clear inserts let you portion control your meals, see what you’re eating, and the state of food, included lid stoppers seal airtight, keeping foods better preserved, and lasting longer. Be YOURSELF with these thermal containers, with Grab and Go convenience. Designs that are you or a reflection of yourself (trendy and fashionable) travel perfectly with the insert system, just Drop and Twist the inserts into the insulated thermal container, keeping foods hot and cold longer, carrying handle included. Reheat foods when you want, no mess, and easy handling. Relax and take your time, with everything premade and looking delicious, everyone in the family can now get their own snack’s and meals on their own. Inserts are so convenient they get grabbed and eaten out of directly (instead of plated) and designed to go in the dishwasher.


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