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In an emergency situation, medical personnel or attending bystanders can scan the ICEBlueButton QR code ‘ which might be on a sticker posted on a child’s bike helmet, skateboard or car seat; a sticker on a car’s windshield or saved on a smartphone lock screen — with any broadly available QR code scanner and quickly learn if the patient has any medical conditions, drug allergies, or other pertinent medical information. In addition to providing critical information, when activated, ICEBlueButton can automatically generate an email to the users’ emergency contacts that shows the location of the incident.

‘ICE Packs’ cost $24.99 and come with 24 waterproof stickers in two sizes, and one magnet imprinted with the ICE QR code. Visit www.icebluebutton/store to purchase. You must have downloaded the ICEBlueButton app from the iTunes App store or Google Play and created one or more ICE profiles to order ICE Packs.

Anyone with a smartphone can now ensure that emergency responders can see their health history, and loved ones get notified if their children are in an accident. Humetrix, a leading provider of consumer healthcare apps, today launched the ICEBlueButton store, which allows anyone to use the free iOS and Android ICEBlueButton apps to get and purchase stickers and magnets imprinted with their personal ‘In Case of Emergency’ QR code.


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