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Product Description

Kidoodle.TV is an ad-free, monthly subscription video on demand service designed for children ages 8 and under.

Featuring a brightly colored, easy-to-use user interface, customizable profiles for up to 5 children, and great entertainment and educational content from a variety of sources, Kidoodle.TV is child oriented and convenient, with no adult content and no commercials.

Robust parental controls found with the “Parents Room” allow parents to customize the content available for viewing on a particular profile through the application of ‘age ranges’ and through Kidoodle.TV’s unique feature of title selection and deselection. Parents can also set timelimits on viewing, as well as create a lock between profiles to prevent the sharing of content.

A key feature of the Kidoodle.TV service is that it is mobile and accessible through internet-connected devices, making it easy to take on the road.


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