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Lucky Kat TV is a safe edutainment website for kids (primarily 5 – 10) with games, activities and videos that stimulate critical thinking skills. Many of the games meet with National Academic Standards. Theme: Believe in Your Dreams … Anything is Possible! This idea is taught through Lucky Kat’s 4 Steps to Success. 1. Dream It! 2. Believe It! 3. Plan It 4. Do It! Introducing Lucky Kat, Lexie, the Kat Patrol, Cheese Posse … 13 animated characters that promote positive messages! Website includes a cruise ship adventure, environmental themes, fun games, a virtual world for kids to build their own island paradise and LKTV; 20 video channels filled with user generated material. Kids and parents can choose to make their videos password protected or viewable to the public. Every video is previewed by Team LKTV to ensure it adheres to LKTV’s Good Citizenship personal safety guidelines.


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