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What is Ooka Island’

Ooka Island is a scientifically proven reading program that accelerates and personalizes your child’s learning with game-based educational activities and 85 eBooks. Ranked #1 by the Institute of Educational Sciences for reading comprehension, our concepts cover curriculum from PreK to Grade 2 and all five foundational reading skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension.

Why Send Your Child to Ooka Island’

PERSONALIZED LEARNING: Each child travels a unique path towards becoming a confident reader. That’s why Ooka Island works for all children from PreK to Grade 2. As a child continues in the program, their reading progress is analyzed and a personalized path is plotted to ensure foundational skills are mastered before moving to the next level.

WEEKLY REPORT CARDS: Each week, Ooka Island send report cards that provide a detailed picture of your child’s reading progress. It highlights the areas in which they are excelling or having difficulty along with personalized recommendations.

GAME-BASED LEARNING FLOW CYCLE: Every visit to Ooka Island follows our unique learning flow cycle: 20 minutes of guided play through phonological games, followed by 10 minutes of unlocking and reading a new eBook in the Popcorn Library. Each cycle ends with free play before guided play starts again.

CURRICULUM ALIGNMENT: Ranked #1 by the Institute of Educational Sciences for reading comprehension, our concepts cover PreK to Grade 2 curriculum.

Play Level 1 for FREE!
Download the Ooka Island app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and try level 1 (of 24!) for free. Experience the first 1.5hrs of Ooka Island’s 80-hour learn to read adventure!


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