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Product Description

Proof is an EPA registered plant-based spray that uses certified organic cold pressed neem oil as it’s active ingredient. All of its ingredients are food grade materials.

Through it’s non-toxic mode of action, Proof is the only product available that kills 100% of bed bugs and their eggs whether sprayed directly or used as a residual treatment. If bed bugs hang out or lay eggs on a surface that has been treated by Proof, they will die. This effective killing power lasts up to 3 weeks. Independent labs and university studies have confirmed Proof’s effectiveness. Proof is bee friendly too, we have done extensive testing to be sure it does not harm bees.

Proof is plant-based and is safe to use around people and pets. Because it is plant-based Proof smells strong’ and it works.

Proof is available in a 3 oz. personal size and a 16 oz. household size.

You can use Proof to treat your suitcase and hotel room to protect yourself from bringing bed bugs home ‘ 1 in 3 US travelers say that they or someone in their family have had bed bugs.

Proof is also effective as a treatment for bed bugs if you have them in your home. You can spray it in areas where bed bugs hide and even treat personal items, like electronics, books and other items that can’t be sprayed with conventional chemical pesticides with our unique Rag in a Bag method.

1 review for Proof 100% effective bed bug spray

  1. 3 out of 5


    Doesn't kill on contact. Sprayed a few of them that was on top of the bed and watched the go from one side of the bed to the other. That's called false advertisements.....

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