deborah lowther

Easter Bunnies Last Hop!

It happened in an instant, I had no more than a 2 second warning but I saw it coming . . .for those 2 seconds you could see me in super slow motion shouting “Nooooo” and reaching out to cover my kids’ ears. Right there, hands in our popcorn bowl, giggling at a silly movie, right before my very eyes,…

Kids in the Kitchen

I’m a Mom who believes there will be rewards if I teach my kids to cook at an early age. I have the same belief about sleep training, feeding themselves, getting dressed, packing their own stuff and putting away laundry. My theory is if I give them the tools and the lessons now, I can kick back and finally enjoy…

TIME for March Break!!

I actually look forward to Christmas break, March break and Summer break . . . I enjoy spending empty days at home with my kids (and not making school lunches!). We have fun together . . . well, in my romantic memory we have fun together . . . they play DS and I tweet, they play Wii and I…

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