For Sale: Our Kids’ Health

The ruffling of feathers began with a few voices expressing concern about kids’ health. Specifically, it was about the sheer volume of cheap pizza and frozen yogurt being shilled to children at our school and how much of it was being sold to Junior and Senior Kindergarteners—some as young as three—who were ordering three slices of pizza at one nutrition break.…

Easy Chicken & Hummus Wrap

My husband used to be skeptical of any food that wasn’t roast beef and mashed potatoes, but over the years he has become used to trying new foods and recipes, and has grown to love foods he wouldn’t have otherwise thought of trying. One such food is hummus, which in the following recipe replaces the mayonnaise or butter he would…

Out With Old and In With The New!

Out With Old and In With The New! By Setting those family New Year’s resolutions… As 2012 rings in, make your New Year’s resolutions as a family. Not only will this will help bring everyone closer together but together, you can provide that extra support that’s needed to be successful at keeping your resolutions. Try setting objectives that will…

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