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Eco Friendly Home Decor

I have a secret super power.  I can see potential in anything. From empty boxes to ribbons and string I can see so many possibilities. I hate to waste things, and love to have materials on hand for my next project.  While other may see this super power as hoarding I like to think of is as thrifty.   With…

What Does Earth Day Mean?

Image source here via Google Images With today being Earth Day, I’m excited (and curious) to find out what everyone’s doing with their kids in celebration of this special day.  To be honest, I love that this day is recognized, but I do believe Earth Day should be every day.  As parents, it’s our job to teach our kids about treading…

Teach Your Kids to Recycle

Teach your Kids to Recycle By With Earth Day just around the corner, it’s an important reminder that we need to do all we can to preserve and protect our mama earth! Teaching your kids to recycle is vital as their future depends on it! So, why not get them involved and make recycling a fun family project?

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