Homemade Bath Bombs

Do you love bath bombs? Those fizzy fun globes that release oils and smell good in your bath after a long day. My kids love them and recently I made homemade bath bombs shaped like Easter eggs. I’m not a mom that likes to fill their Easter basket up with tons of candy, so I usually buy them one or…

Easter Bunnies Last Hop!

It happened in an instant, I had no more than a 2 second warning but I saw it coming . . .for those 2 seconds you could see me in super slow motion shouting “Nooooo” and reaching out to cover my kids’ ears. Right there, hands in our popcorn bowl, giggling at a silly movie, right before my very eyes,…

The Best Egg Hunt Ever!

At Easter, kids can hardly wait to participate in a good old-fashioned egg hunt. Make yours the envy of the neighborhood! Whether you’re planning an indoor search or an outdoor event, try these tips to organize the perfect hunt. Purchase some cute baskets at your local dollar store so each child has something to put their eggs and treats in.…

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