Everyday Parenting

Technology Has Changed My Parenting Style

Have you ever stepped back and thought about how technology has changed the way parents think and act? As technology seeps into everything we do, it’s no wonder why parents have started looking for technological answers for their everyday problems. Did your child do something amazing? Capture that Kodak moment with your cell phone. Finished the book you’re reading? Download a new one…

Finding Common Ground

We’ve all had those times when we’re sitting with our kids “playing” but not actually attentive. Maybe there’s a show on in the background? Or maybe you’ve got other things on your mind? This happens to me often and it’s not always because I’m preoccupied. Sometimes I just can’t get myself interested! This bothers me as my son is interested…

Road Trip Survival Guide

Sometimes road trips can turn into nightmares when children are part of the trip entourage but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can survive a road trip with kids if you prepare correctly. Kids’ minds are always running from the moment they wake up until the moment they pass out in one of those awkward positions that makes…

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