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Stop Exercising & Get Fit

Did that get your attention? If you’re like me, taking time away from exercise is an exercise in guilt management.  Of course, there are sick days and family emergencies, even work snafoos that might necessarily keep one from the gym here and there. Then there are those days.  You know those days.  They are the days when you wake up…

Get Back On that Fitness Wagon

Ah, March… slush is in the streets, spring is in the air and everybody in the whole, freakin’ world is in the gym.  At least for a few more weeks.  As New Year’s Resolutions get a little fuzzier and the temperatures get a little warmer, many gymgoers struggle to stay committed.  And sometimes, you just have to party… So if…

Trainer Approved Recipe: Grown Up Fish Sticks

It’s a trainer-approved recipe from my kitchen to yours! Fish in its natural state can be a bit of an acquired taste.  Fish processed and deep fried (of the “filet-o” variety), on the other hand, is of questionable value.  Here’s a great compromise: a recipe from my own kitchen for the whole family that’s high-fibre, low-cal and makes perfect fodder…

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