For the Kids

How To Create A Rainy Day Bin

We’ve all had those moments, where it’s gloomy and raining outside and as much as we’d love to ship the little ones outside for some fresh air, we can’t.  The only noise in our houses are the ones coming from our children’s mouths saying “I’m bored!” over and over and we feel that at any minute our heads are going…

For Sale: Our Kids’ Health

The ruffling of feathers began with a few voices expressing concern about kids’ health. Specifically, it was about the sheer volume of cheap pizza and frozen yogurt being shilled to children at our school and how much of it was being sold to Junior and Senior Kindergarteners—some as young as three—who were ordering three slices of pizza at one nutrition break.…

Road Trip Survival Guide

Sometimes road trips can turn into nightmares when children are part of the trip entourage but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can survive a road trip with kids if you prepare correctly. Kids’ minds are always running from the moment they wake up until the moment they pass out in one of those awkward positions that makes…

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