Moms Perfect Reply to Internet Troll Who Called Her Son Ugly.

  Bloggers and mothers all over the world share photos of their children because…well…we are proud and think that they are the most precious things on this planet. Recently, blogger meganmennes received a comment calling her beautiful son with Down Syndrome “ugly” and her reply was in my opinion, PERFECT!   Check it out:   An Open Letter to A Troll Dear…

Say it while you can. Life is too short.

I recently lost my best friend. I mean best, the kind you call as soon as you have something amazing to share, the kind who has seen you through relationships, been a shoulder to cry on and has been there for weddings, births of your children and whose family has become an extension of your own. Best by anyones standard. He was 37, had a 22 month old and a 6 week old. He had a business that he had just expanded and as far as he told me, life was worthwhile because he had the best wife and kids a man could ask for and friends that anyone would be jealous of.

Kiss it!

3) Spitty Spitter Face- Passion is fantastic…But drowning in your saliva isn’t. Please stop trying to swallow my face. I’m really into you too but do not feel the need to have my face exfoliated by your tongue. This kiss rates an eleven on the “ick factor” for me.

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