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March Break Survival Guide

March Break can be the best of times, or—depending on what’s going on in your life right now—it can be the worst of times. If you can clear the deck and schedule a week of round-the-clock fun, March Break can deliver a much-needed psychological boost en route to spring. But if your bank account is looking decidedly empty and your…

March Break on Budget

March Break on Budget By Yes, you can enjoy a fun spring break without breaking the bank or having to do any extensive planning. Here are a few ideas that are both low-cost and low-effort. Be creative and think of more fun and memorable Spring Break ideas that don’t cost a fortune! A few suggestions to get you rolling……

March Break Staycation Ideas on a Budget

Before I give you suggestions for a fantastic March break on a budget, you need to plan in advance to disconnect. Yes, I mean from your phone, your e-mail, your twitter and facebook.

Try making yourself a schedule as to when and how often you will check your phone (every 5 minutes is not considered taking a break!) and put your phone on silent mode for the rest of the time. We all need time where we can commit to our family whole heartedly. I always laugh at myself when I say to my children, you aren’t paying attention to me and yet, very often I find myself texting someone and at the same time nodding my head to my kids as if I actually heard what they just said.

TIME for March Break!!

I actually look forward to Christmas break, March break and Summer break . . . I enjoy spending empty days at home with my kids (and not making school lunches!). We have fun together . . . well, in my romantic memory we have fun together . . . they play DS and I tweet, they play Wii and I…

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