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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online: Teach critical thinking and reward it

Demonstrate how to identify safe, credible websites and other digital content. Encourage them to be cautious about clicking on suspicious links and speaking to people they do not know. Encourage the positive by praising their good choices and remaining engaged about what communities/games or apps they enjoy. .cb-fis-big .cb-meta .cb-byline { display: none; } #cb-author-box { display: none; } .cb-fis-block-site-width…

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online: Share with one, Share with them all

Educate your children about their digital footprint and what is appropriate to share online. Ensure they understand that anything they post, regardless of whether they have a private or public account, can be shared and will stay online forever. .cb-fis-big .cb-meta .cb-byline { display: none; } #cb-author-box { display: none; } .cb-fis-block-site-width { height: 500px !important; }

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online: Staying on top of social

Always get a list of your children’s social media usernames and passwords, consider “friending” them on their social networks, and talk to them about being responsible when setting up these accounts. Have them show you the sites/apps they are using, and let them be the “teacher.” .cb-fis-big .cb-meta .cb-byline { display: none; } #cb-author-box { display: none; } .cb-fis-block-site-width {…

Keeping our Kids Safe Online

According to Gartner research, in 2010, there were 10.3 million tablets sold, in 2011, there were closer to 66 million sold and the estimate for 2012 is 110 million tablets. That’s a lot of tablets with a lot of security vulnerabilities for our children. We monitor our children’s social activities carefully, we always want to know where they are and…

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