What Megan Fox’s Baby Announcement Teaches us about Co-Parenting & Relationships.

In case you’ve been living under a pop culture rock, Megan Fox officially announced that she and Brian Austin Green are expecting a third child. And the entire celeb gossip world went bananas! They’ve been separated and NOW they’re having a child!? CUE THE DRAMATICS. Fox and Green tied the knot together in 2010 and have been fairly vocal about…

Facts of Life or Morality Issue: Should This Year Book Photo Be Published?

When this photo of Hannah Talbert, 17, was posted on Instagram, she somehow became the focus of a debate over First Amendment rights. Why, you ask? Her selfies were chosen to be part of a spread in the Surveyor; Mount Vernon High School’s yearbook. This would not normally cause a stir, but these selfies were of her very pregnant belly. “We wanted to do more…

The Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth

While pregnant with my first child, I concocted an adorable delusion of motherhood based in large part on a few prominent tabloid darlings. Here’s how things were gonna go: I would do yoga the entire pregnancy (Madonna), breathe deeply and noisily through my nostrils—as in yoga—throughout a painful but manageable six-hour labor (Katie), and then after my quiet, thoughtful progeny had…

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