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PTPA TV Launches Today!

Throughout the past few years as I have worked with Parent Tested Parent Approved, it seems they are being featured on a major television show just about every week.  Since I love the company and the idea behind their network of over 40,000 parent testers, I think this is pretty awesome that they are landing TV spots right and left.…

A Rockin’ Good Time with the PTPA Winning Harlem Globetrotters

Part of what makes the Globetrotter experience so memorable is that more than most plays or sporting events, you feel like you are truly a part of the night. With young fans being whisked to the court to participate in the show, the whole event seems really accessible. In a far cry from other sporting and spectator events, the Harlem Globetrotters allow their show to spill into the stadium seats and encourage audience participation.

Making My Own Christmas Cheer!

For the past decade, my sister and I have been churning out Christmas Cheer at a surprising rate, creating one of my absolute favorite holiday traditions. This tradition is handmade ornaments, and it usually starts right after Thanksgiving and sometimes goes up until Christmas Day. It started with one handmade ornament back in 1999, and then it led to just a few more every year. Now our Christmas Cheer output is surprisingly massive, even though we both are quite a bit busier now than we were over a decade ago.

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