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Instagram As Our New Age Mirror

Being a teenager is one of the most difficult life stages. Just ask any parent of a teenager. Their bodies are changing, their appearance is changing and their hormones are raging. They are extremely sensitive and yet completely insensitive, they are absorbed in themselves and their social lives and how they look and how many people are looking. It’s a…

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online: Staying on top of social

Always get a list of your children’s social media usernames and passwords, consider “friending” them on their social networks, and talk to them about being responsible when setting up these accounts. Have them show you the sites/apps they are using, and let them be the “teacher.” .cb-fis-big .cb-meta .cb-byline { display: none; } #cb-author-box { display: none; } .cb-fis-block-site-width {…

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