Tired? Stressed? This Simple Trick Will Help You and Your Kids Sleep Through The Night!

Tired?  Stressed?  Tight sore achy muscles on a daily weekly basis?  Kids not sleeping?  Any of these sound like you?  Please keep reading, there is something that can be done at home that can greatly help with all of these issues.  Yoga.  Specifically today we are going to be talking about the benefits of doing yoga at night and for…

3 Yoga Poses For Moms To Be

Yoga is an incredible way to relax, de-stress, balance your energy, boost your fertility and create a healthy space for your growing baby! Yoga is low impact and is a great way to strengthen, tone and stretch muscles.  As pregnancy throws off our bodies’ alignment and balance, yoga can help you become more in control of your balance and can…

The Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth

While pregnant with my first child, I concocted an adorable delusion of motherhood based in large part on a few prominent tabloid darlings. Here’s how things were gonna go: I would do yoga the entire pregnancy (Madonna), breathe deeply and noisily through my nostrils—as in yoga—throughout a painful but manageable six-hour labor (Katie), and then after my quiet, thoughtful progeny had…

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