I used to jump on the resolution bandwagon, making January 1st the time to set new goals. But each year, as my goals failed to materialize, I would enter spring frustrated and disappointed in myself.

To lose 10 lbs, to take on a new challenge, to make a drastic change in our life, all of these ended up piling up as failures for the year.

So I stopped.

I stopped making resolutions and difficult-to-achieve goals that wouldn’t pivot and adjust to changes I experienced, and I started choosing an intention instead.

Setting an “intention” for the year is focussing on one key word that will capture every aspect of your life, from work to play, to hobbies and lifestyle.   It is not setting hard numbers, or specific items that you MUST achieve, but setting a feeling that should follow you through your days and help remind you of your focus for the year.

An intention to be more courageous with things that come your way, or to simplify things in your life that are more difficult than they need to be.  An intention to learn, whatever you can, whenever the opportunity arises.

Setting intentions allows us to enter the year feeling powerful and in control. It helps us face our weaknesses (and demons) and acknowledge that they are there and that over time, with consistent effort, we may be able to overcome them.

We can not fail with intentions, as they are feelings not achievements that need to be ticked off on a card.  They are a mindset that we adopt to remind us what we value most this year.

So, as you get your feet comfortable in 2016, spend some time thinking about what word you can set as an intention that will help you define how you want to move forward as the days unroll. Find a word that works both in your career and work, as well as your life, because valuing each of these will ensure that one does not become a burden to the other.

And then remind yourself each morning in January what your “intention” is, and go about your day allowing it to seep into each activity you perform.  Eventually, as February rolls around your intention will have become part of who you are, and positively effect everything you do.

So, what is YOUR intuition for 2016?  Share below in the comments, and inspire others.

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