Top 10 Reasons To Practice Yoga During Pregnancy



As a yoga instructor I continued to teach yoga until 34 weeks pregnant and maintained my own personal practice. I experienced the benefits of practicing yoga throughout pregnancy as it eased many pregnancy symptons and allowed me to feel as comfortable as possible as a very large baby happily grew inside my evergrowing belly!  Here I share with you my top 10 reasons for practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy….

 1. Ease symptons such as morning sickness, backaches, shortness of breathe and fatigued limbs in a safe manner.  Reduce leg swelling and insomnia. 2. Celebrate the life of your child in a calming way that centers your mind, body and spirit. 3. Prepare your body for the adjustments and adaptations the body will make throughout the pregnancy. 4. Take time out for yourself. We get so busy at work, other family events and preparing for the birth of the child that we sometimes forget about ourselves. Celebrate YOU! 5. Maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy can create a faster post partum recovery. 6.  Meet women who are pregnant and preparing for their birth, just like you! Who know’s you may just make a new best friend or have future playdates for your little one. 7. Centre your mind,body and spirit as you prepare for the birth of your child. Your mind-body connection will assist you throughout the labouring process. 8. Become more in tune with your body.  Individuals who understand their body have found the pushing process of labour to go faster. 9.  Prepare for the labour and birth of your child by opening your hips, using meditation and calming breathing techniques. 10. You deserve this class and so does your child! If you are in the Ottawa area I would love to see you at one of my classes!  Make sure you say hello 🙂 Pregnant and looking for a class? Check out the yoga studios in your area or local recreation guide. Watch for upcoming blog posts on yoga postures to practice throughout your pregnancy and beyond!

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