5 Ways to Workout with Baby

This week I have been trying to get back on track with my fitness goals and I have been doing better. At this point, the days of going to the gym 5-6 times a week are not feasible for me but I’ve been doing workout videos and have gotten back to trying to master a certain arm workout I have been on a quest to master! It’s called 30-20-10 and involves doing 30 tricep dips followed by 30 push ups (on knees for now), then 20 and 20, followed by 10 and 10. I did manage to do them all for the first time post-baby but I did have to take a number of breaks as I went. Still, it was an accomplishment and it got me thinking about this post-baby fitness situation. One of my biggest challenges when it comes to getting back on a workout schedule is the pull I feel to be around my son as much as possible. Well, this week I did workout videos in the living room while he was on the couch. He napped through part of it one day and then spent the rest of the time laughing at me. That sure made me feel good! I liked that he was right there and I could talk to him. But what if you don’t have access to videos to watch on TV or what if your baby doesn’t want to sit on his or her own? There are some simple ways to incorporate your baby into your workout! workout with baby!5 Ways to Workout with Baby 1. Go on a walk! If you have a carrier or sling then you and your baby can get out and get moving! If you have a good stroller, you can obviously use that as well. Here in Texas, it’s extremely hot right now so this easy choice is not always an option. 2. Get out the balance ball! If you have a balance ball, you can strengthen your core while bouncing on the ball and holding your baby. I bet you’ll find that your little one loves the bouncing motion! 3. Try a more advanced move! If you’re a bit more advanced try laying on the floor on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle and your feet on the balance ball. Let your baby sit on your lap and slowly extend your feet and lift your body slightly off the ground. 4. Strength training for your legs. Now I know that not everyone has a baby who weighs over 23 pounds at 7 months but I do and he makes for some great strength training! Try doing some squats while hold your little one and I bet you’ll feel the burn! You can also try some lunges and step-ups for your legs. Adding a baby to the mix will test both your strength and your balance! 5. And don’t forget the arms! Just as with your legs, you can add you baby to the mix and get a great arm workout! Try laying on your back on the floor and lift your little one up in the air above your chest. You can also do this while standing up. Remember that the slower and more controlled your movements are, the greater the burn for your muscles. Feel the burn! With a 23-pound little man, I sure do! Finally, let me mention my favorite move to do with my son — push ups! Now, before you think I’m crazy for saying that I enjoy doing push ups, continue reading! I lay him on the floor on his back and get in my push up position with my face so it will be near his. It only takes a few push ups before he is laughing and squealing! It makes it a lot more fun to do now that I have a workout buddy! You can also do planks in this position to work on your core. So… I guess I don’t have any more excuses for not getting in some activity each day. Sure, there will be times when I go for a jog alone but when I just want to be near my little guy, it’s not a problem! How do you incorporate your little one into your physical activity time? And if you are having trouble getting active, what are the challenges you are trying to overcome?

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