10 Ways to Squeeze Romance into Every Day

How will you find time for romance when you barely have time to brush your teeth? Here are 10 sweet, unexpected, totally doable ideas for squeezing a little you’re-so-hot-when-you-burp-the-baby intimacy into every day. Try them on your guy — and see how little things can make all the difference.

E-Mail Exchange After an insane morning of getting your kids and yourself out the door, you realize you haven’t even said “hi” much less “I love you” to your spouse. When you get to work, take five minutes to send him an e-mail or text message wishing him luck in that meeting or telling him how cute he looks today. Sharing those little details can make you feel romantic in no time at all. 2-for-1 Bonus You’ve still managed to find time to shower, right? So why not do a little romantic multitasking? Invite him in with you now and then — morning or night, as long as the kids are asleep — washing up while you catch up (or whatever else…). You’ll step out feeling squeaky clean — and super sexy.

Dinner a Deux Pureed squash all over the walls doesn’t exactly set the stage for romance. So feed the kids early, put them to bed, and then have a late after-dinner dinner just for two. Make it date-night special by lighting candles and popping open some champagne — even if you’re only having tacos. Pencil Him In Instead of dealing with the hassle of last-minute babysitter booking, put your favorite sitter on a regular schedule and have a standing date night with your man. You’ll figure out what to do later. Make the first Saturday of every month your night to get out of the house sans kiddies and remember that you’re more than just Mommy and Daddy.

Wake-Up Booty Call Sometimes it’s hard to find time for sex, even if you are in the mood (sad but true). So schedule it in by setting the alarm a half hour earlier, and have a first-thing-in-the-morning quickie before the kids are up. Go to bed a half hour earlier that night to make up for lost sleep — and stay smiling all day long. A Compliment a Day Makes the Romance Stay When was the last time you told your husband how awesome he is? Put yourself on a compliment-a-day program to keep those lovin’ feelings flowing. Play Hooky You know those personal days you get? We can’t think of anything more personal than reconnecting with the hubs. Take one of those underused allotted days midweek while the kids are at daycare, school, or with a sitter. Go back to bed, watch TV in your PJs, see a movie, whatever…as long as you do it together. Lights Out Make a point of retiring to the bedroom before you’re really tired. This way you’ll still have enough gas in the tank for a little nookie. Let’s Do Lunch Who says dates are just for nighttime? We say try a lunch rendezvous. Take an hour from your day to meet up and enjoy a mini-date, just the two of you. Bonus: If you’re a working mama, you don’t even need to hire a sitter. Ixnay on the Baby Talk Your daughter’s still got that cough, and junior’s not using his words — the subject of your kids could expand to fill every single second of conversation if you let it. Try taking at least a 15-minute break from kiddie talk every day to discuss your relationship, good memories, that naughty dream you had last night…anything so long as it’s not about the kids. Source: Parents Magazine, Jennifer Sembler

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