Make a Deal to Be Safe this Spring Season

As the season turns towards warmer weather, families will traditionally store away their winter gear and re-organize with some old-fashioned spring cleaning. These clean-ups typically mean spring is also yard sale season, an excellent time to find great prices on interesting items. However, we here at KID want to remind you not to bargain with product safety, and keep an eye out for dangerous, recalled products. Use our handy Yard Sale Safety Checklist as you prepare to buy or sell, and help keep kids safe from unsafe secondhand products. Here’s a few examples of tips:

1.)    Some children’s products, such as bath rings, baby walkers, crib bumper pads, and sleep positioners are not safe for use, so avoid buying/selling these items at yard sales. Car seats and bike helmets may have been previously involved in an accident, so these items should not be re-sold.

2.)    Check to make sure all items (especially cribs) are up to date and meet newer testing standards. Visit from your mobile device for recall information on-the-go.

3.)    Double-check that none of your items have missing or broken pieces. Keep an eye out for children’s clothing with drawstrings in the hood or neck that could lead to potential strangulation hazards. When in doubt, pull the drawstring out!

The checklist is a great way for sellers to display their commitment to product safety to their neighbors and customers. Feel free to print as many checklists as you like at our publications page, or email Laura and she will send complimentary copies.  Remember to review your items before the day of the sale and make sure they follow these safety tips to help keep your community safe from dangerous children’s products.

Comments (5)

  • Great reminders! I love the easy printable list.

  • Holly, so glad you found the tips useful!

  • Great reminder – just in time for garage sale season to begin! Thank you!

    Janine Streiter
  • Janine, that was our thought too! glad you found these tips good reminders

  • I was just thinking that it’s almost time for yard sale season! Thanks for the great tips and reminders!

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