Isis: When A Name Becomes The Focus Of Controversy


What happens when the beautiful name you chose for your child becomes the target of a horrible world devastation?

I recently came across an article about a family who is facing this problem head on. Their daughters name is ‘Isis’ which, ideally stems from a beautiful Egyptian goddess. Recently, with the turn of events with the extremist Islamic militant group spreading terror around the world, this little girls name has taken a change for the worst.

“Every day there’s some sort of reference in the media or brought up in conversation about fighting ISIS, about how ISIS is evil, and I’m worried that she’s going to be targeted,” Isis’s mum tells

“It’s ruining our family and it’s ruining Isis’s future. I’m heartbroken for all the families being affected (by Islamic State), the journalists, the different people who are suffering, but my family is suffering too.”

The girls family does not want Isis to face any kind of bullying that many women named Isis have already endured because of this reference, but it is tough when everywhere you turn her name seems to appear.

So what does a family do?

Many people have already suggested a name change and on the other end of the spectrum, many families and people who have this name also have started a petition to stop the reference of this terrorist group associated with the word.

My question is, why? Why change a beautiful little girls name, and why try to change the reference? After-all, throughout history we have heard of tornadoes (while not exactly the same) named after people, other catastrophes and horrible events also named after people…why change it now?

Forgive me for my opinion, but isn’t it the parents job to instill core values and strength into this little person? Why does a single ‘bad’ reference to something become the target of bullying in this day and age – can’t we all just learn to love and enjoy things for what they are not for who they ‘may’ be?

Isis – a name. Once used for beauty, and now tainted with shame.

Would you change your son/daughters name because of media input?



Comments (3)

  • I signed the petition for my granddaughter Isyss

  • My oldest daughter has two first names. Her second first name and what everyone has called her for almost 16 years is Isis. I have do hate that such an evil group is using such a beautiful and meaningful name. I named my daughter after the queen of the gods, also meaning beauty beyond words and from the heavens in the old writing. In myth of old it was said all of looked upon Isis would fall in the deepest love for her. So how did That meaning get turn into. All who hears this name does it stricks fear, sadness and horror into. I still love the name. I too have signed petitions to make the media stop using that name. And I know my daughter is a very good person and a beauty from above.

    Malissa Brown
  • A name for a lovely person is a name. TIme will heal the issues of people making a relation between her and that group creating trouble.

    Beverly Brigman

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