It’s Almost Time to Pick That Pumpkin!

It’s almost that time of year again, to pick the perfect little pumpkin and pick that scary, cute or funny face to carve into it! This is probably my favorite thing to DIY because you can be as creative as you want with your pumpkin!

Last year we decided to step out of the “triangle pumpkin” face carving and try something a little more daring. I wasn’t in the mood for scary so I decided to stick to the more “cutesy” side of Halloween.

I chose to do Mickey  with my 3 littlest while my husband and 3 older kids decided to try bats, which was a little bit more on the scary side. (or would have been had it turned out properly!)

Mine turned out fantastic and well, the bats? Turned more into a design than anything.


The kids loved them both. They looked fantastic in the dark and lit up. We even had people outside on Halloween night taking photos of the pumpkins! That was pretty neat!

Do you stick to regular faces or try to be a bit more daring with a funky character or design?

This year – I think we need to step it up a bit, I’m just not sure what we will try yet. I am not too sure if I can too last years Mickey!

Comments (2)

  • Love those! This year I just bought little pumpkins with faces on them already. I am horrible at carving them.

  • Oh what a great idea! My kids love the carving part but I should invest in some plastic with faces just for decoration!

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