New Year’s Resolutions. AKA, How Every January I Set Myself Up For a Mid-February Fail.

Minutes after watching the ball drop, clinking a glass, and putting my children to bed, I hopped on Facebook to wish everyone a Happy New Year, only to see my feed filled up with promises of personal bests for a better 2015.

I looked up the history of resolutions, and it seems since this tradition began, people, like me have been failing at it. So this year, instead of making a list of the things I will do, I am going to make a list of things I will not do.

  1. I will not always have a clean house. Most days it will be a bit of a disaster, but I won’t stress about it. I will accept four of us and one giant dog live in a small house.
  2. I will not join anything. Not a diet, not running club, not a gym. I will eat well and be active because this is good for my quality of life, but without a set goal in mind. No pounds, no marathons, no time commitments.
  3. I will not “give up” anything. Through age and experience I know that saying “Starting January 5th I won’t have any carbs, sugars, dairy, chips or alcohol” will lead me to binge on these things around the six week mark. I will think hard about what I am putting into my body, so that I can get the most out of it, without denying things I like. I know “in moderation” is a cliché, but for a good reason!
  4. I won’t give up social media. I love it. I’ll be the first to admit it. What I will do though, is not be on it during times I should be with my children, and try to participate more in the real world, rather than the virtual one.


So there is my list! I do wish all my PTPA friends and family a great 2015. Be well, kind and healthy, and take any unnecessary pressures off yourself, and just enjoy your life!


Now I will go take down my Christmas tree, and put away the decorations until next year. Sure, I said my house wasn’t going to always be tidy, but at least for today, it will be.

champagne glasses

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  • Now this is a resolution I can get behind! Nice post Tara 🙂

    Jeanne Profenna

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