Books vs. Video Games

  We have a fairly new rule in our house – kiddos are not allowed to play any video games during the school week. This change was not met with the open arms of my 10-year-old son, who already felt like I over-managed his screen time. The new rule did not win me any brownie points and he certainly didn’t nominate me for any cool mom awards. However, when I see his improved attention span and watch him devour book after book, I feel like nominating myself. Interestingly, a book dealing with screen time landed on my lap around the time that our rule was implemented. Since my once video game addicted son was deep into the Percy Jackson series when it arrived, my daughter picked it up and has been excited to share her thoughts about the book. This is what 9-year-old Posy had to say: Book: Danny In A Newfangled World, by D.M. Bileski     What is this book about? Danny is a boy who loves his computer and video games. One day, he clicks on a little box on the screen and he gets sucked into the computer. He has a giant adventure. He meets friends, makes an enemy, plays some games and learns an important lesson. What are your impressions of the book? It was awesome. I read five chapters the first day, one chapter the second day and on the third day, I finished the whole thing! What did you like about the book? When Danny was in the video games himself, it was really fun and exciting to read – there were so many adventures! I like that, in the end, Danny was thinking about other things and people – not just video games. It was a really cool idea to write a book about video games and how important it is to think about more than video games. How does this book make you feel about video games? I think video games can make some people not think about anything else except video games. Sometimes I like to play video games, but I’m glad that I love reading, playing sports, going into our ravine and visiting friends and family. Video games are not as important as those things. Would you suggest that your friends read this book? I think it’s important for kids who really focus a lot on video games to read this book!!  To learn more about the book, go to

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