12 Days of Holiday Beauty: Bright, Pink Lips

Photo Credit: marieclaire.com

If you’re deciding on a bold lip this season, don’t just reach for the typical red lipstick. Yes, red lips are glamorous and classic, but it’s not the only shade you have to rock for the holidays. If you’ve never considered bright, pink lips for your next Christmas party, do reconsider. Say “hi” to Bold Red’s little sister, Bright Pink, this season. It’s a fun, unexpected, more youthful take on a bold lip. In the past, I would only think of wearing bold pink lips in the Spring and Summer months. I’ve realized bright pink looks great all year long. Since you want your lips to be the focus, compliment the pink with a sweep of bronze or gold shadow across the lids. If your eyes need a little extra definition like mine do, apply a liquid liner and wing it out to the side. Apply a couple of coats of black mascara. All you really need on the cheeks is bronzer; sweep the bronzer onto your cheeks, concentrating most of the colour towards the hairline for a natural contour. Dust whatever is remaining on your brush down the bridge of your nose, temples, and chin. Bold pinks can be quite shocking to someone who isn’t used to wearing colour. To ease into it, try a bright but sheer pink gloss with some shimmer. To keep it long lasting and to prevent the edges from bleeding, use a lip primer and outline the lips with an invisible lip liner. If you love to be the center of attention, go for a full colour lipstick or gloss. If you’d like a more polished and precise looking lip, outline the lips with a lip liner first in a similar shade. Then apply your lip colour with a lip brush. For something less polished and no-fuss, skip the lip liner. Prep lips with a lip primer then press a pink lipstick into your lips with your ringer finger. Smooth out the outline of the lips so that there are no visible lines. When you’re thinking of a holiday pink, forget candy or baby pinks. Think bright fuchsia, berry, and magenta. Don’t be afraid of shimmery textures either. Whatever event you’ll be attending, you’ll be sure to stand out in the sea of red lips!

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