Egg-cellent Alternatives to Chocolate this Easter!



Admittedly, I love chocolate and I love to get an abundance of it around Easter time after-all, what parent doesn’t use their children as an excuse to indulge?

Am I right? lol

My kids however get SO much chocolate that I usually substitute some of the ‘Easter Bunny’s’ treasures with alternative choices just to even out the load. This year these are my choices that fit perfectly into those little plastic eggs that I set out for the hunt.

1. Tapefetti – Perfect for the creative child who loves to tape everything. Tiny in size, big on fun!

2. Stickers- I often cut sheets of stickers to make more treasures for my little bunnies to find.

3. Pom Pom balls- Just because they are fun, colorful and cute.

4. Easter capsules- these are AWESOME! Even as a parent, I love watching these grow in water. Great for bathtime too!


What are some alternatives you put into your kids Easter egg hunt?

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  • Great ideas Meri 🙂 I’m not a fan of chocolate myself especially because our little guy becomes very disrespectful when the sugar kicks in! We try to buy things like toys, crafts and healthier snacks for our egg hunts.

  • I really like your ideas Meri! We love chocolate but I rather give toys, stickers, etc.

    Mary Jane
  • Great ideas, Meri! We do the same! Stickers, Easter capsules (except I bought the wrong ones and instead of bunnies, we grew dinosaurs! LOL!). I also give bubbles and cool bubble wands! One year I gave the kids butterfly nets and containers to put their bugs in.

  • Great Idea! My Son loves the capsules. We are going to do some hot wheels, chalk, bubbles and other non candy items

    Lisa G
  • We actually will use a mix of chocolates and gummies for the hunt. But their gifts are a mix of small crafts, bubbles, balls and a small $5 toy.

  • Great idea! Love that the final gift is not something extravagant! After-all, it isn’t Christmas right?

  • Ohhh! I have to go out an buy bubbles! Thanks for the reminder – Kids LOVE bubbles!

  • Ohhh I love the bug nets and container idea! I am gathering quite a list for next year! Thanks for sharing Christine.

  • Who doesn’t love chocolate right? I HAVE to include some of the good stuff too lol afterall, who sneaks into the baskets when the kids go to sleep…me!!

  • Thanks for sharing Jason! Great ideas!

  • We allow them to find the chocolate but they turn it back over to us and get one egg a day. Keeps me sane and keeps them well behaved so theyget their “desert”

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