‘Tis the Season to Party!

Tips to keep Kids busy during Grown-up Christmas Parties… If you’re entertaining during the holiday season… don’t forget the kids! They’ll need to be kept busy as well!  During Christmas party events, emotions will be running high and kids will get excited… Here are some tips to keep your young guests occupied and merrily entertained throughout the entire party. Kids…


I’ve decided the sign of the week this week should be EXCITED! I am excited for the holidays to be coming up so soon. I’m excited that my husband will get a big break from his job and will be home with us. I’m excited that we decided to stay home for Christmas this hear instead of traveling to visit family. I love family but hate traveling at Christmas time. I’m excited for work to slow a little and have time to catch up on household projects.

12 Days of Holiday Beauty: Ruby Red Lips

Holiday beauty wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t mention the classic red lip! The colour red is fiery, exciting, and all-around glamorous. It’s such a striking colour you have to be confident to carry it off. You’ll be seeing a lot of Old Hollywood makeup inspirations this season, but there are ways to make it look different and fresh.…

When High Schoolers Attack

There is a story out of DeSoto County, FL basketball player who attacked a referee during a basketball game.   The young man was assessed a technical foul after shoving an opponent after said opponent made a free throw.  After watching the video, he indeed deserved the technical.  He apparently didn’t think so and decided to first shove the ref, but…

Kids with Allergies? Guest Blogaholic- Nikki McDaniel reviews Allermates!

How would you know, by looking at a child, that they have an allergy? Exactly….. you can’t. That’s where the undeniable necessity of Allermates comes in. I was lucky enough to have my son test this product, specifically the orange “Peanut” wristband, and it was love at first sight.  Allermates are fun and colourful allergy awareness accessories, namely wristbands and…

Be My Guest…!

HOLY SHIT I am a one woman show! How is this fair? It’s like my husband is a “guest” that just shows up (and pays for) all of these fabulous memories I create. I just wanna show up for once, I want to be the guest, I am NEVER the guest. Why am I responsible for all the memories?

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